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Video Game as Learning Tool

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It’s an interesting idea–using a computer game to provide education about genocide. That’s what mtvU has done with Darfur is Dying, “a narrative-based simulation where the user, from the standpoint of a displaced Darfurian, negotiates forces that threaten the survival of his or her refuge camp. It offers a faint glimpse of what it’s like for the more than 2.5 million who have been internally displaced by the crisis in Sudan.”

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Injury Research

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From VAWNet: The CDC has released their Injury Research Agenda for 2009-2018. You can see the full report here (PDF).


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The University of Utah Eccles Health Science Library has an online firearms tutorial available here. It’s easy to use and has almost no bells and whistles (but it has photos!) so you should be able to view this on any computer. I’m not sure when the course was last updated (some of the statistics look old), but the mechanics of firearms and the appearance of gunshot wounds haven’t really changed, so age shouldn’t be a significant issue. It was created for pathologists, meaning it has a medical, rather than law enforcement, flavor.

Written by Jenifer

March 11, 2009 at 8:51 am