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Violence Against Sexually Exploited Women

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I am thrilled to announce that AEquitas is offering our first webinar October 21st, 11:30-1pm ET: Prosecutorial Response to Violence Against Prostituted Women. This webinar will help prosecutors and allied professionals understand, identify, and respond to violence against sexually exploited women, i.e., women used in prostitution.  It will discuss the dynamics of sexual exploitation, including the frequency and type of violence sexually exploited women experience.  It will also explore issues, strategies, and defenses relevant to the prosecution of violence against sexually exploited women.

Presenters will review current criminal justice responses to violence against sexually exploited women and will recommend a more victim-centered approach to handling these cases.  In addition, this webinar will examine criminal justice responses to sexually exploited women who present as defendants charged with prostitution crimes and critique the effectiveness of diversion programs available to these women.

Presenters will include:
Jennifer Long, AEquitas Director
Toolsi Meisner, AEquitas Attorney Advisor
Mary DeFusco, Board Vice President, Dawn’s Place and Director of Training and Recruitment, Defender Association of Philadelphia

Please register at

This webinar is open to prosecutors and allied professionals.  Registration is limited and preference will be given to OVW Grantees.  If you are having difficulty registering please contact Christina Mathews at or (202) 558-0037.


Written by Jenifer

October 15, 2009 at 6:39 am

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