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Long Term Consequences of Domestic Violence

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The Family Justice Center Alliance‘s next webinar is June 4th at 9am Pacific. The Long Term Consequences of Domestic Violence will be presented by Dr. Ellen Taliaferro. Preregistration is recommended. The site describes the webinar as follows:

Domestic violence has been associated with many different types of health problems, ranging from serious injury and death due to trauma to anxiety, depression, and suicide.  The list of reported health consequences for the victim is long and includes:

  • Chronic pain syndromes, such as chronic pelvic pain, headaches, and functional GI disorders
  • Gynecological problems, including STDs, exposure to HIV, and unwanted pregnancies because of unprotected coerced sexual activity by the battering partner
  • Pregnancy-related problems, such as prenatal fetal injury, complications of pregnancy, or presentation in labor without prenatal care

Often unrecognized is the impact of partner violence on ability of patients to adhere to recommended treatment plans as well as on the ability to obtain prescribed medications or keep medical appointments.  The impact of partner violence on health is so pervasive that it can overwhelm victims and lead to an inability to address important adverse health behaviors such as overeating, alcohol and substance abuse, or cigarette use.  Health consequences of IPV are not limited to the adult partner being abused.  For example, children may be injured by violence directed at their mother when they are in the way when the abuser strikes her.  They also are direct targets of the violence as some perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse are also child abusers.

BTW, if you have never been able to attend one of the FJCA webinars live, but would still like to access the content, you can find an index of previous offerings here.

UPDATE: You can access a video of the session here; PDF of the presentation here.


Written by Jenifer

June 1, 2009 at 7:02 pm

2 Responses

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