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Danger Assessments

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Since we are on the topic of IPV and Danger Assessments, professionals working with victims of intimate partner violence can complete online education for Dr. Jacqueline Campbell’s Danger Assessment. $125 will get you the online course, a posttest, certification and scoring system for the tool.

According to the website:

After successfully completing the post test for the Online Training Course or a live seminar, you will be certified in using the Danger Assessment. You will be able to download a certificate with your name on it, a results page that you can copy and use to put in case files for documentation, and the scoring system worksheet which includes the scoring system’s danger level interpretation, personalized with your name, to more accurately determine the level of danger your victim is in.

This online course is specifically geared toward those who have never attended one of Dr. Cambell’s live trainings or teleconferences. If you have already attended her training, for $25 you can purchase the posttest, certification and scoring system only.

If you have completed the course online, will you put a note in the comment section and let me know the format of the training (slides, webinar, audio, etc.)? I am unsure about this aspect of the training.


Written by Jenifer

January 20, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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